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Serperiormaster Servant RP (Chapter 1)
:iconSerperiormaster: *I woke one morning, lying in your coils on your bed. I had come in during the middle of the night because I’ve had a nightmare.*
:iconetaris333: I was still snoozing gently on the bed…being the snake Pokémon that I was, I tended to nap a bit longer than most creatures would. I only felt a slight stir in my coils but nevertheless continued snoozing.
:iconSerperiormaster: *I smiled and snuggled up to your coils as you slept, rubbing them gently*
:iconetaris333: I finally woke up to the feeling of being rubbed, and I hissed gently, opening my eyes and leaning up to see my small human servant in my coils.
I smiled. “Did you sleep better, young one?”
:iconSerperiormaster: *I nodded and hugged your head* “Yes, Master. Thank you. How did you sleep?” I ask
:iconetaris333: “Very well. I must enjoy it more with you around,” I smile, stroking the boy’s head with a tendril.
Then I let out a yawn. “My, I guess i
:iconetaris333:etaris333 18 4
Mature content
Man of Steel + Vampire (Year One): Chapter 16 :iconthemasterofantics:themasterofantics 8 4
Spending a night with Mother (Vore Story)
Make sure you have read all the parts (An Amazing Invention, A new Partner, Playing with Black Cat and Catgirl) for better understanding.  View all my deviations to find these stories.
Mark was sitting and doing his holiday homework. It was night. He turned on his android Black Cat. She lifted him. "Not now, Please put me down I have to do my homework, You think of a game till the time."
He finished his work and asked,"So what is the situation?" "Not figured out yet", She replied. Then she came a bit closer to mark(licking her lips) and said,"I know what to do." She then told him the situation. She was his mother in the game.
In the game:-
Mark returned home after playing. He saw some construction was happening in his room.
Mark- Mom, Where will i sleep today?
Mom- You can sleep in drawing room.
Mom- No wait, Your dad is out for work, you can sleep with me in my bedroom.
Mark-With you?? Ok.
         Please give me food, I am hungry.
Mark had his f
:iconpragun1223:Pragun1223 5 1
V - FNaF Expansion Part 5

A/N: Hello! Now, I haven't updated this particular fanfiction in a while, mainly because life happens. I bet 99% of people who have read this have completely lost faith in me and think it's over.
It's not.
Remember in part 4 when Puppet was kidnapped by a person? Well, I'm not going to detail WHAT happens then, because we wouldn't want to get graphic. Anyway, let's start.
I was running up the grassy lane again on a road to nowhere, that same horrible dream again. Every single night I was riddled with thoughts of me, alone, in the confounded field where I was murdered. Me and my best friend Emily. First we'd got wind of Jack, who had been missing for weeks, being stabbed in the eye outside Fredbear's Family Diner. Then came Emily to the field to watch the rabbits. The same murderer from before had shown up again, shoved Emily into the lake and since she was a non-s
:iconredshell2003:RedShell2003 3 3
A While Ago - FNaF Expansion Part 4
A/N: I am so sorry that this hasn't been updated in a very long time. I've been busy! Anyway, I didn't think that this was living up to its name - that's not a good thing! It's just that I'm shy to publish the proper expansion things I write, and now I am (which is why I put it on mature - mind you there's a minor amount of gore in this chapter) So please try and enjoy this one! Hooray! 
"Way to blip." Persisting sighed. I hated it when she was like this. She was fully transformed into a cloud, floating above my head and releasing her own blood. 
"You're wasting your time and blood." I told her, teleporting into a cupboard. So annoying. Impossible to reason with. If I were to die again-
"Stop thinking that!" Persisting wails.
As I was saying, it was perfect timing for Vincent to come along with his knife...
"Shut up! I hate gory stuff!" She was screaming now. I ignored her and continued.
He just said
:iconredshell2003:RedShell2003 4 0
I Love Him More - FNaF Inflation Part 3
The next night, Bonnie couldn't bring himself to ask what the friendly, or so he thought, night guard was up to on the previous night. He remained silent and just pointed at cameras.
The guard switched to Pirate Cove, where the curtain was pulled back just a little and she could make out a face. 
"What the heck is that?!" she screeched.
"Oh, I'm sure it's nothing. I can go take a look if you want."
"OK then..."
Bonnie sprinted down the West Hall, brushing past the poster, which in fact had Golden Freddy on. Bonnie turned and saw this and ripped the poster off the wall. That's the second last thing I want to happen! Bonnie thought. He threw the poster on the floor and set off for the Cove.
When he got there, he saw Foxy staring into the camera. 
"Foxy, you're putting the guard under pressure!"
"The guard? Arr, she went to the kitchen. A mighty big mistake, if ye ask me."
Oh no. Bonnie thought. This is where it ends.
"Hello? Is anyone in here?" asked t
:iconredshell2003:RedShell2003 7 21
I Love You - Bonnie Inflation - Part 2
The Show Stage was dark once again as the animatronics were stood in a line. The same guard from the night before was checking the cams as the guy on the phone droned on and on. He mentioned some kind of "Pirate Cove" which other animatronics were in, and the guard flicked over to the Cove's camera feed. In there was a pair of curtains drawn to the point where the inside was shrouded in darkness. The guard followed her instincts and switched to the Show Stage. Both Chica and Bonnie were out of sight. Scared, she checked the other cameras rapidly, and discovered Chica in the Dining Area. However, Bonnie was nowhere to be found. The guard lowered her monitor and checked the lights, only to find Bonnie there.
"Bonnie! You scared me just now!"
"Hehe, sorry!"
Bonnie had become rather good friends with the guard, and he visited her almost every night. However, she'd been acting strange as of late. Bonnie decided to ask her what was wrong.
"Hey, you've been a little down in the dumps. What's
:iconredshell2003:RedShell2003 8 3
I Love You - Bonnie inflation - Part 1
Freddy, Chica and Bonnie stood on the Show Stage. The new night guard had started her shift the other week and wasn't best pleased with her career choice.
"I think she might be nervous." Freddy decided. "We're not in for much this night."
Meanwhile, the new recruit to the pizzeria shivered in her chair. Were those... footsteps? She picked up her monitor and checked all the locations in the building. When the camera that pointed at the stage with the robots on it, the guard gasped. The purple rabbit was missing! All was quiet until she heard a voice.
"You OK?" it asked.
"Stay back!" wailed the guard. She wanted to go home!
"Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you!"
The night guard checked the lights at either side of her and was horrified to see the missing rabbit. Out of instinct, she smacked the door button and the heavy piece of metal slammed down.
Bonnie watched, upset.
The night guard meanwhile, looked at photos of her as a  young child. She was with a different animatronic bunny called
:iconredshell2003:RedShell2003 19 23
TOTYATR chapter 7
                                              Chapter 7
“Darn it, why’d you bring me back here?!” the girl exclaimed.
The reason for this question was simple: because while she was rendered oblivious by the feeling of the road and by the cheerful music, old Clyde was secretly scootching his way back to Spankenhiemer’s General Store.
He’d sensed that there was something bothering the chick as they’d idled by, and rather than just go with it and let the lady stay troubled he decided to return and get her to hash things out.
“Please don’t stop here.” She said, “I can’t go in there.”
At this little statement the wipers ran up, their blades bowed like questioning brows. The girl got the drift, and without even trying to lie she spilled the entire story, with the blades bending and warping in muted reply.
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 1 0
TOTYATR: Chapter 6
Chapter 6
‘It was 6:00 in the A.M when she woke up. ‘It was still dark out,- still cold…
‘She began to look around, trying to place her surroundings. ‘For a brief moment all she could see was a deep blue space and blurry shapes. ‘Suddenly it dawned on her. -She was in the front seat of the car!
‘She pushed herself up on her arms and looked around, feeling herself for damages, and aside from a few scrapes and a nasty bump on her skull she was okay. ‘This little fact surprised her, because she distinctly remembered losing her porch-light at the mouth of the path and here she was in the front seat.
‘Suddenly she heard a small CLUNK!!  ‘She looked over towards the sound, and that’s when she found the glove box door open, and inside was a small envelope.
‘She took it out and looked it over for a second, wondering what it was, ‘then she opened it up, and to her surprise there was a mellowed note. ‘It was the
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 1 1
TOTYATR: Chapter 5
Chapter 5
‘The moon and stars were shining brightly as she stepped out of the cabin wrapped up in her wool-lined jacket. ‘The snow in the yard was glistening like an acre of diamonds, and a light breeze blew through the trees.
‘For a second or two she was distracted by the beauty of it all, but then she turned away from the scene as a strange force beckoned her from the direction of her house,-or beside it rather.
‘She turned around slowly, and her eyes beheld a sight, namely the wide, chromed muzzle of her new machine as it sat in the moonlight.
‘It was a most peculiar sight this thing, this four wheeled time traveler. Its chrome work sparkled in the light. Its dull, red paint stood out in hard contrast to the snow. The grille seemed to stretch a mile and its four wide headlights tinged blue in the light. ‘Truth be told it was a rolling whale with rust near the jaws, but in the light it looked halfway decent. Enough so in fact, that she somehow felt
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 7
TOTYATR :Chapter 4
Chapter 4
‘As the old wagon cruised along, the girl got the idea halfway through the drive to test the brakes. ‘When she did, well…
‘To put it bluntly, the thing didn’t exactly stop on a dime… ‘It stopped a foot short of it.
“Stops okay…” she thought to herself, “Wonder how good of mileage it gets?”
‘She decided to drive up the road leading from her driveway into Wabasha to visit her mother’s store. And although she knew her folks were put out with her, she could at least use the place as a marker.
‘She drove along up the little two lane, listening to the sound of the engine’s rumble through the floor because she figured the radio was dead.
‘Well,-that caddy wasn’t in the best shape,- ‘it wasn’t very fast, (not that she pushed it),-  ‘and  it stood out like an adult brontosaurus in a Shetland pony ranch,- but it ran good enough to get to the ci
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 0
TOTYAR :Chapter 3
Chapter 3
‘The roads of the small town had already been plowed when the young woman stepped out of the library. In the back of her mind she held a little touch of regret about this new job, but she stifled it.
“A little footwork’ll do me good anyhow.” She thought as she made her way up the steaming pavement,- “’Now to check out that Jag.” “Lucky for me the lot’s only a mile up the road.”
“Someone already bought the car.” Said the salesman when the lady stepped into the tiny lot’s office and inquired about it, “But feel free to look around anyhow.”
‘The tiny lot was nearly empty as she dimly surveyed the rolling stock. The only things she could see in the lot were a Eighty One Mustang – (deep maroon), two microscopic Hondas in varying states, and one lonely, battle-scarred Cadillac wagon with a dusty red paintjob…
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 0
T. O.T. Y. T R:Chapter 2
Chapter 2
‘She woke up the next morning with the covers tangled up around her ankles and nearly every supple inch of her frame shivering. The fire in the hearth had gone out and there was at least four inches of snow banked up around the cabin. Thankfully, however, everything was still intact, including ‘the Three hundred dollars she had in her purse,- otherwise known as grocery and bill money.
She got up from the cot, put on some fresh clothing, and staggered drowsily over to a small table where she’d placed a newspaper she’d bought the night prior. She sat down in a little wicker chair, spread the paper out and began to scan the classifieds.
‘There weren’t may ads in the paper that day, but to her amazement two tiny ads crossed her path,- one being a job offer and one being a car ad…
The job was a full-time librarian position in a small town down the road. ‘The car was listed as being a secondhand jaguar at an obscure lot. She tended t
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 0
The old, the young, and the rusted Chapter 1
Chapter 1
It was a quarter-past-Eight that night when she stepped into the cold night air. ‘A breeze was stirring, making her deep red hair flow and almost numbing her fingers on contact. ‘She scanned the parking lot for family, but it was no use because she’d alienated every one of them the day before.
‘As she was making her way through the ice-shrouded lot she was suddenly reminded of the fact that they’d impounded her car. ‘Fat use it was anyhow now that she’d lost her accounting job at her mother’s store. Luckily the insurance hadn’t been derailed by the case, so she could get another job and find a NEW car. ‘In any case she was on her feet at the moment so she just started hoofing it, keeping to the better-lighted side of the city to avoid trouble, then fighting her way over endless miles of slick roads, and then up a wooded path to a tiny log cabin she owned.
“What to do NOW?” she wondered, sitting in an a
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 0
The old, the young, and the rusted: Prologue
 It was a cold, snowy evening when the young lady swung open the big double doors of the Wabasha County courthouse in the early morning hours of December the Twenty First. She’d only been in the holding pen for one day and a night, but when the night-shift judge brought the gabble down it felt as though she’d just finished an eighty year sentence…
She’d been put in the pokey for obstructing justice in a lawsuit aimed at a popular business man (Who, as it happened, was a friend of the lady’s family), but when they brought her before the stand the judge only needed a brief look at the case and he kicked it out because the case was full of holes.
‘After all,- the lady hadn't been mirandized, the witness who’d exposed her plans hadn't been sworn in, the evidence against her had not been cleared upon submission, and the evidence that She’d allegedly tampered with had been rendered irrelevant bec
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 0



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